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Economic and Financial Assistance and Consultancy & Financial Management Services Cluj


The rapid changes in the Romanian business environment require having the right information at the right time in order to be able to make the right decisions. This is why we are trying to provide our customers with strategic information on identifying and exploiting the most beneficial opportunities and changes within the business environment and within the marketplace in which they activate. At the same time, a commercial company should function as a clock, each wheel of it having a well established role within the mechanism. If one of the wheels doesn’t function properly, then the entire mechanism cannot fulfill its role. On this account, we consider that having procedures and applying them, as well as having a business strategy and implementing it, all of these are elements that make it possible for this mechanism called ʻcommercial companyʻ to function as close to perfection as possible, so that there aren’t any disparities between the functions of the business, that everything is counted up and measured and that any mistake can be identified at an early stage and then eliminated it for good.

This is the role that the procedures within a company accomplish, in today’s competitive world there is no performance or profitability played by ear, everything has to be written down and the people who contribute to the achievements of the company have to be encouraged to act responsibly.

In this range of services, you can entrust us with:
• Consultancy concerning the company’s organization and management (organizational charts, structures, defining functions);
• Drawing up procedures and internal regulations regarding primary and related activities;
• Drawing up accounting policies;
• Establishing job descriptions with the help of an algorithm based on the company’s internal procedures;
• Analyzing and organizing the information flow (communication between various departments);
• Consultancy regarding the organization of the financial and management accounting in accordance with the legislation in force with solutions related to the company’s financial and accounting activity (precisely establishing the existing links between the documents’ circuit, the general and accounting procedures within the company and the financial and accounting policies);
• Periodically informing the management on the economic and financial situation of the company;
• Constantly and promptly informing the management regarding the fiscal and financial and accounting regulations;
• Personnel training on how to prepare the primary documents and their circuit within the company;
• Support in choosing the necessary IT system for the activity carried out by the client.

At the same time, our company, in collaboration with Almad Global SRL, offers full services of management and business consultancy starting with the development of reimbursable / non-reimbursable financing applications / files, project management, business intelligence services, financial scanning of business and carrying on with identifying niche markets, network development, HR services mediation, mediation of commercial disputes, management consulting and board counseling.


Generally, by performing these services, we try to help our clients with all sorts of analyzes and studies, graphic representations that we interpret, so that the beneficiary can figure out the economic and financial position of the company he or she is running. Some of these reports and summaries are also required by credit institutions when accessing funding.

Amongst the analyzes and reports drawn up and interpreted, we can mention the following:
• Analysis of the financial structures;
• Analysis of the financial flows – cash-flows;
• Debts and receivables analysis;
• Share capital and fixed assets analysis;
• Drawing up the revenue and expenditure budget;
• Consultancy regarding the financial and accounting legislation, as well as the fiscal legislation, applicable to your organization;
• Analysis of production and distribution activities based on value indicators;
• Turnover analysis;
• Value added analysis;
• Production costs analysis;
• Profitability analysis;
• Assets analysis;
• Analysis of material, human and money resources management;
• Synthesis and accounting reports;
• Calculation of other economic and financial indicators.


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